Town of Gretna Brush Policy

Effective April 11, 2016


All contractors must obtain an annual business license from the town prior to cutting any trees or brush.

Town will not remove any trees.

No one will be allowed to haul trees or stumps to Town owned land for disposal.

Town will not pick up any limbs or branches with a diameter greater than 6 inches or a length greater than 6 feet.

Town will provide a truck on private property for the home owner to self-load their brush per the regulations above for a fee of $25.00 for an overnight stay.

No small twigs, grass clippings or leaves shall be placed with or mixed with any curbside brush pick-ups, this causes undo delays in work efficiency.

All small amounts of leaves, twigs and grass clippings must be bagged when placed curbside with brush.

Town provides curbside vacuum leaf pick up at no charge from September 1st – December 31st.

No free curbside vacuum leaf pickup service available from December 31st – September 1st. During these months all leaves must be bagged if curbside pick-up is requested.