In accordance with Title 3 of The Code of Ordinances of the Town of Gretna a meals tax of six and a half (6.5%) percent is imposed on the amount paid for meals purchased from any food establishment within the corporate limits of Gretna.  This tax is due and payable by the customer at the time such items are purchased. 

The tax form and remittance must be filed with the Treasurer's Office by the twenty-third (23) of each month.  When the taxes are reported and paid by the due date, the proprietor may deduct 2% of the tax amount as a discount.  If they are not paid by the due date they are considered past due and the 2% does not apply, therefore a 10% penalty for late filing will be added to the taxes due.

It is the duty of the proprietor of the establishment to register with the Treasurer’s Office and keep accurate records of all meals tax monies collected.  To acquire the forms necessary for meals tax collection and reporting or for a complete copy of the Meals Tax Ordinance, please visit the Town Offices, or contact us by phone.

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